U.S. chain Panera Bread has introduced a new one-swipe ordering feature to its app as part of attempts to increase engagement with busy customers who are often on the go.

Crunch Time Ordering allows guests to have their favorite meals pre-programmed to be ordered at a set date and time with just a single swipe. It has been designed to remove the thinking and unnecessary steps, particularly at busy moments when mealtimes creep up.

In addition, users of the Panera app can receive personalised recommendations tailored to their preferences and when they are pressed for time, he company said.

How it works?

Users add their favourite go-to meals by marking a regular Panera order as a favorite in the iOS app. They then schedule and select a “crunch” time to get a reminder notification Panera at the busiest time in the schedule. Upon receiving the notification, the user can solve Crunch Time and complete the order with one swipe. when they need it most

Meenakshi Nagarajan, Chief Digital Officer, Panera Bread said: “We are thrilled to introduce Crunch Time Ordering as the ultimate one-swipe ordering option on the Panera app,”

She added: “Our guests lead busy lives and need convenience more than ever. They have always been able to rely on Panera for delicious food made with great ingredients, and now we have their backs when they need to quickly and easily have dinner handled between meetings, practices or recitals, or other moments of crunch time in their lives.”


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Image source: Panera