The Spotler Group has acquired e-commerce company Sooqr, a platform that uses personalised marketing insights to increase online retail conversion rates.

Sooqr, which is based in the Netherlands, helps online retailers to offer the right product at a given time through personalised search and product recommendations.

According to the Spotler Group, the acquisition will enhance the personalised e-commerce capabilities of Squeezely, which it acquired in 2021.

“This is a significant moment for our clients and our team. Incorporating the Sooqr technology and expertise considerably accelerates our development toward our vision for personalised commerce,”  Tim Hoefnagel, co-Founder and Managing Director of Squeezely said.

For retailers looking to increase customer engagement, conversion rates and revenue added insights into customer behaviour, preferences and buying patterns have become a valuable part of the merchandising process. The acquisition will allow retailers to use each of these tools to personalise the end-to-end shopping experience.

The combination of both technologies adds to Squeezely’s position in the emerging Commerce Experience Platform (CXP) category. It also builds on previous investments by the Spotler Group over the last two years. Among others, these have focused on basket abandonment, website personalisation, analytics, and loyalty programmes.

“Keeping audiences interested and engaged with data-driven, real-time personalisation is at the very heart of our strategy,” said Lee Chadwick, CEO, Spotler Group

He added, “The acquisition of Sooqr expands our capabilities to include search, analytics, and merchandising. Enabling us to offer a modular solution that fits the need for our eCommerce clients to offer engaging consumer experiences.”