HID and iPassport have agreed to collaborate on a new AI-powered identity verification solution, designed to make travel more seamless.

The solution is part of HID’s modular approach and allows airlines and airport operators to add identity verification capabilities to existing systems without having to “rip-and-replace” or perform expensive migrations to a new platform.

Its main components include Fingerprint, ID Document & Ticket Readers, Facial Recognition Camera Hardware, Software Development Kits (SDKs) and an ID Proofing & Biometric Server.

HID, which is based in the US and specialises in providing access to physical and digital places, said in a statement that identity verification for passengers was long overdue.

“Today, moving through an airport securely requires an ongoing and seamless identity verification system that not only enhances the passenger experience, but also optimises efficiencies for everyone. HID is excited to collaborate with iPassport to bring this new solution to market,” said Vito Fabbrizio, Managing Director of Biometrics, Extended Access Technologies at HID.

The multispectral imaging (MSI) technology and ethically trained artificial intelligence (AI) which has been built within HID’s Camera Identification Systemm will result in significant performance and matching accuracy, the firm added.

Use of facial recognition technology throughout the airport will depend on the passenger’s prior consent during booking or check-in. Beyond airlines and airports, other segments of the travel industry, such as cruise ships and hospitality, are also expected to benefit from features such automatic face detection, capture and image quality checks, even when wearing masks, and on-device biometric processing with endpoint security for maximum protection.