U.S. retail giant, Walmart has introduced a virtual experience on Roblox, designed to encourage the new online communities and increase engagement among its customers.

Walmart Discovered will allow users to participate in the community, but also shape it by voting for their favorite games, virtual items and experiences, the retailer said.

Through this new nomination system, the retailer said it will spotlight more than three hundred community creators, from digital fashion designers to experience developers, over the next four months. These developers can monetise through sales of their virtual items via Robux, Roblox’s native currency.

Writing in a blog post, William White, Chief Marketing Officer, Walmart U.S, said: “Millions of customers are exploring virtual platforms, interacting with each other and brands, as well as building online communities. That number continues to grow every day, so we’re spending more time there, testing, learning and creating innovative experiences that not only inspire customers, but also foster those communities and connections.”

He added: “As we began to craft this experience, we listened to our growing community on the platform and found that they were seeking easier ways to discover experiences and virtual items.”

Retailers go virtual

Walmart is not the only retailer to move further into the digital space recently. Last month, 7-Eleven launched a virtual car meet up via online video game Fortnite with the aim of bridging the gap between social media and the Metaverse.

Once in the world of Walmart Discovered, users can explore familiar but reimagined departments like Sports, Pets, Racing and Beauty. Additional departments include Trending, Town & City, and Entertainment while there are plans for new departments and events to be released later this year.

In addition, with My Department, users can save virtual items or new experiences they’ve discovered to revisit or purchase later. Walmart added that users will eventually be able to level up and unlock the in-experience My Cart feature to help further personalize their experience.

“This feature, inspired by the nostalgia of Walmart’s iconic shopping carts, allows users to express themselves and navigate the experience in a way that’s entirely their own,” White said.


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Image source: Walmart