Fintech startup, ImaliPay has teamed up with African e-commerce firm Renda to tackle the order fulfilment process for enterprise and medium-sized businesses across the continent, starting with Nigeria.

The deal combines ImaliPay’s modular API “Fintech-as-a-Service” platform with Renda’s order fulfillment network, which enables e-commerce businesses to search and book storage space, monitor real time status of their inventory and increase the volume of orders that are processed daily.

The network also tracks the delivery of orders and ensures real-time collection and reconciliation of cash on delivery.

The companies said in a statement, the partnership will help businesses reach their target audiences and sell products with greater ease. Among the key areas of focus ImaliPay lists, are automated reconciliation, BNPL, payments and ledgers-as-a-service.

Sanmi Akinmusire, Co-founder & COO at ImaliPay added, “Our goal is to drive growth, increase efficiency and bring innovation to the table through modular API technology, making this partnership timely for both startups.

Why are third party fulfilment solutions necessary?

When customers make orders online on a website or via an e-commerce store the merchant needs to get the item from its inventory and finds a logistic company to deliver the item to the customer. In many cases, smaller merchants can’t keep a large inventory because they don’t have the luxury of space. High delivery costs and the lack of space can make fulfillment difficult. Consequently, the merchant may be forced to turn down orders or use third party solution providers to achieve greater efficiency.