Quick commerce, an emerging channel within digital commerce where shoppers can purchase consumable items for on-demand delivery, has led to a change in last-minute household needs, a consumer desire for faster delivery and a different path-to-purchase.

That is according to a new report, Uncovering Consumer Trends in Retail Media, which surveyed over 1,200 US DoorDash customers in August. The report included those who made at least one consumable purchase in the last 30 days on the platform along with those who purchased a consumable item through a DoorDash ad in the same timeframe.

“On-demand digital commerce is growing exponentially, and consumer shopping habits and expectations have shifted as a result of having nearly any product available for delivery within minutes,” said Toby Espinosa, VP of Ads at DoorDash.

“But it’s not just how consumers shop that’s evolving. How they discover, interact and engage with brands has changed dramatically over the last few years, so brands and advertisers need to shift their approach, too,” he added.

Among its key findings the survey reveals that people’s purchasing habits are rapidly changing with 62% of respondents ordering consumables online more than they did last year. When shopping online for consumables, the top priorities for respondents are convenience (74%), ease of use (48%), and speed (46%).

Consumers are also frequently adding impulse buys to their online orders, the report suggests. 60% of consumers surveyed are “somewhat or very likely” to buy new products while browsing online last minute, driven by last minute needs (55%) or the desire to “treat themselves” (45%).

In addition, 73% of DoorDash consumers surveyed who had purchased an ad or promotion in the past 30 days said they did not think a promoted item in DoorDash felt like an advertisement.

Along with the report, DoorDash also unveiled new ad formats, deeper campaign insights, targeting, and consumer-driven deal constructs.

“At DoorDash, ads are a trusted way for consumers to discover brands that are relevant and convenient to them for every occasion. Our multi-category momentum and scale gives advertisers a unique way to capture a high-intent audience and acquire new customers, driving efficiency to help grow their business,”  Espinosa said.

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Image source: DoorDash