YouTube, Netflix and Amazon are Gen Z’s Top Brands in 2023, new data from market research firm, Rival Group has revealed.

The Gen Z Brand Power Index uses mobile chat-based research techniques to capture key aspects of long-term brand engagement such as shareability, emotional connection, and value-alignment. The research included over 354 brands spanning CPG, retail, tech, streaming, media, insurance, health, and financial services

“It has never been more crucial to understand the underlying motivations driving Gen Z behaviors,” said Matt Kleinschmit, CEO and Founder of Reach3 Insights, a subsidiary of the group.

He added: “This research incorporates important but often ignored aspects of Gen Z attitudes that drive resonance, sales, and long-term brand engagement. Considering factors like emotional connection, shareability and alignment with values is crucial in getting a more complete picture of how your brand is performing among this critically important generation.”

Among the other brands, on a list that is dominated by tech giants, both Google and Instagram make the top five. They are followed by Lays, Doritos, Target, Hersheys and Disney as the brands that are most resonating with Gen Z this year.

“Capturing qual inputs and video selfies allowed us to get rich context on what’s really driving brand salience and relevance among Gen Zs. This powerful blend of quant, qual and video provides our clients and partners with holistic insights they can take action on” said Renee Khalili, Vice President at Reach3 Insights and lead researcher of the study.

Gen Z’s Top 15 Favorite Brands in 2023:  

1  YouTube
2. Netflix
3. Amazon
4. Google
5. Instagram
6. Lays
7. Doritos
8. Target
9. Hersheys
10. Disney
11. McDonald’s
12. Walmart
13. Gatorade
14. Visa
15. Hulu