Doordash and Aldi have expanded their partnership in the U.S. to allow consumers order on-demand alcohol through safe, age-verified delivery.

The feature will be made available at more than 1,200 Aldi locations across 21 states, the companies said.

Fuad Hannon, Vice President of New Verticals at DoorDash said: “In addition to giving merchants a new way to reach customers, on-demand alcohol delivery helps partners grow their business. On DoorDash, adding alcohol may increase grocers’ average order value by up to 30%. Order values for U.S. convenience orders were on average over 50% higher when alcohol was added.”

“He added: “We’ve worked hard to build a trusted alcohol ordering and delivery experience. The expansion of our partnership with ALDI reinforces our commitment to provide growth opportunities for local merchants, while simultaneously providing a safe, high-quality experience for customers.”

The deal comes just a few months after DoorDash and Aldi first announced their partnership to bring on-demand grocery delivery to nearly all ALDI locations nationwide.

Earlier this year, DoorDash released its inaugural Alcohol Online Ordering Trends Report, a deep dive into the changing landscape of consumer online ordering preferences and emerging dining and drinking trends.

The report found that delivery was the preferred way for consumers to safely purchase alcohol with more than 100% year-over-year growth for alcohol pickup and delivery on DoorDash from 2021 to 2022. Comfort, convenience, and time-savings were given as the top reasons for enjoying such services.

In compliance with local laws and regulations,DoorDash said it has enacted safety protocols, including advanced two-step ID verification, alcohol-specific safety compliance modules and a streamlined returns flow for Dashers.

There is also a voluntary self-exclusion or opt-out register for consumers who don’t want alcohol delivered on the platform or in marketing. The company said will continue to develop further safety features so alcohol deliveries can be responsibly facilitated through its platform.