Metalenz, a specialist in metasurface optics has partnered with 3D sensing system supplier Dilusense to bring its meta-optics solution to payment kiosks across China.

The partnership will allow secure biometric facial authentication in compact form to be used by retailers and in vending machines, the firms said. The payment system is based on traditional cameras that recognize a user’s face, before taking an extra 3D infrared image to authenticate the user against pre-registered biometric credentials. In addition, the technology will also be used for smartlocks designed for access to high-end buildings.

“It is the first time that the breakthrough capabilities of metasurface optics are commercialised in 3D structured light sensing systems, and this milestone will accelerate the proliferation of our meta-optics in the growing 3D sensing market,” Lars Johnsson, VP of Product, Sales, and Marketing at Metalenz said.

According to Metalenz, its “Orion” meta-optic dot projector can enable an improved structured light pattern with over 30,000 precise laser dots to enhance the biometric recognition performance of Dilusense’s 3D sensing systems.

The firm debuted its metasurface optics in time-of-flight systems for the consumer electronics market, in July 2022, via a partnership with STMicroelectronics. It then announced a $30 million series B funding round in October 2022,

The meta-optics for structured light sensing systems are custom-designed by Metalenz and are mass-produced by UMC in its 12″ wafer fab in Singapore as part of Metalenz’s newly established direct-to-OEM supply chain.

Shi Lei, VP of Product, Sales, and Marketing at Dilusense added: “Our partnership with Metalenz combines their optical technology with our full-stack product development capabilities to bring the market our most advanced 3D sensing solutions.”

Image from Metalenz