US firm Arkose Labs has launched a new email intelligence system that detects risks by bots and stops them from attacking online services with fake or risky email addresses.

The company said in an announcement that Arkose Email Intelligence, which combines email risk detection with the Arkose Protect bot detection platform, is the first such solution that stops bad actors from leveraging fake, throw-away, or other high-risk email addresses to gain ownership of online accounts

In 2022, fake account creation skyrocketed in the second half of the year by 81 percent over the first half. Account Takeover attacks (ATOs) were equally severe in 2022 and comprised 11 percent of all attack attempt sessions.

According to the company, data from the solution’s early-access programme shows users’ attack catch rates to have increased by more than 20%.

Arkose Email Intelligence also provides more than 40 actionable data insights that businesses can use for further decision making, in addition to preventing automated and fraud farm attacks.

“Email intelligence solutions are powerful, but limiting their use to points deep in the user flow leaves companies’ front doors wide open,” said Ashish Jain, CTO, Arkose Labs.

“We set out to innovate a product that democratizes email intelligence. We partnered with customers to bring to market a new product that provides CISOs what they really want –  security at the top of the funnel, log-in and sign-up, all the way through to payment transaction all at a very reasonable price.”

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Photo by FLY:D via Unsplash