Payments platform Adyen has expanded its digital authentication capabilities to further tackle regulatory challenges, the firm has announced.

The latest innovations, which include Delegated Authentication, Data-Only, and Trusted Beneficiaries functionalities, come as ongoing pilots realise a conversion uplift of up to 7%, Adyen said.

In regions where Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is required, Adyen has implemented its Delegated Authentication technology as an additional option to streamline authentication while remaining compliant. This allows the firm to fully authenticate the consumer on behalf of the issuer, while remaining within the merchant checkout page.

In addition, shoppers can utilize two-factor authentication, including biometric checks such as fingerprint recognition and facial scans. Delegated Authentication now includes both iOS and Android users as well as the web browser function.

Trevor Nies, Global Head of Digital Strategy at Adyen, said, “Our recent authentication innovations show how we’re continuously finding new avenues to help our digital customers grow. As a partner, we identify opportunities to address and simplify regulatory challenges on behalf of global businesses.

“Our Delegated Authentication, Data-Only, and Trusted Beneficiaries functionalities are the latest ways we are embodying this mindset of turning complexity into conversion, which greatly reduces friction for our customers.”

As part of its focus on regulated markets, Adyen has also advanced its Trusted Beneficiaries functionality. Through Trusted Beneficiaries, shoppers in the checkout stage are given the option to simultaneously add a business to their list of trusted companies.

After designating a business as ‘trusted,’ shoppers do not need to be re-authenticated when purchasing from them, added convenience to the consumer and increased conversion to the business, Adyen said.