Zoom Video Communications has teamed up with SaaS provider PCI Pal to enhance its payment experience, the firms have announced.

As part of the deal, the PCI Pal Agent Assist solution is being integrated to allow Zoom users process credit card information using DTMF-masking or Speech technology, a feature which will allow agents and customers to remain in communication through the payment process. In addition, it will help agents prevent sensitive cardholder information from entering the contact centre or phone environment.

The firms said that PCI Pal Digital Payments is also being leveraged so Zoom customers can offer the convenience of making payments digitally, whether through self-service channels or with an agent-assisted channel. Both features are being integrated into Zoom Contact Centre and Zoom Phone while Pal’s PCI Compliance solutions will soon be available to businesses who operate on Zoom and can be purchased on a Zoom agreement.

Zoom is not the only video call platform to upgrade its payment experience this year. In May, Microsoft partnered with GoDaddy to bring a payment acceptance feature to live Teams meetings. The integration focused on helping real-time service-based businesses to better transact with customers on the platform and get paid for their services in the moment, as opposed to days or weeks later.

As a result of the latest collaboration with Zoom, key benefits are likely to include improved metrics such as first contact resolution, payment completion rates, and reduction in Average Handle Time (AHT).

Darren Gill, Chief Revenue Officer, PCI Pal, said: “As a valued, integrated partner, our payment solutions result in an excellent CX and EX for customers and merchants alike, creating a frictionless payment experience. We’re looking forward to working with Zoom today and in the future.”

Vi Chau, Head of Product – Zoom Phone and Zoom Contact Center added, “We are delighted to partner with PCI Pal to elevate our payment and compliance proposition for our customers. PCI Pal’s flexibility and innovation mean we can empower businesses to facilitate payments securely throughout our Zoom CX and Phone portfolio.”

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