Photo by Aaron Doucett via Unsplash

Yango Deli Tech has partnered with Nana, an online grocery and commodities delivery platform in Saudi Arabia.

The platform will use Yango Deli Tech’s e-commerce technology to improve its operational efficiencies and support its expansion into new markets, the companies said in a statement.

The move follows a pilot project conducted at one of Nana’s dark stores earlier this year. The test showed the delivery platform could cut down the average missing items per day by 97% by implementing an innovative Warehouse Management System that enables almost 100% stock accuracy.

A key focus for Yango Deli Tech is providing software that can improve the operational efficiency of e-grocery businesses. This includes solutions for fulfillment and delivery processes, commerce, client experience and analytics.

The companies said that during the pilot a purpose-built dark store picker app also helped to decrease the time needed for order preparation by more than 35% via implementing smart in-store routing. This meant that each stock-keeping unit (SKU) was assigned to a specific shelf. The partnership is now working at full capacity across all planned stores.

Image from Yango-Tech

Sami Alhelwah, Nana Co-Founder and CEO said the partnership would help it tackle one of the major pain points of the retail sector within the region.

“We have partnered with Yango Deli Tech to provide our company with the technological and operational experience of other markets to address stock inaccuracies and replenishment inefficiencies which will support our vision and fuel our ambitious goals for further expansion and growth,” he said,

Max Avtukhov, CEO at Yango Deli Tech added: “We are honored to partner with Nana to advance on a global mission of making high-tech e-grocery the reality of today and provide best-in-class user experience to consumers in Saudi Arabia and other markets in the Middle East. We strive to keep up with consumers’ rapidly evolving preferences and streamline operations for our customers. Together, we will set a new bar for the industry as a whole.”