Stripe and Uber have partnered to enhance payment options for customers of the ride-hailing app across several of its top markets.

In a statement, the companies said that Uber will expand its use of Stripe’s payments platform in key markets such as the US, Australia and Japan. In turn, this will help reduce costs and make payment more flexible for its Uber Rides and Uber Eats service, the firms said.

 “Creating payments experiences that combine payments innovation, reduced friction, and cost savings is at the core of what we do. Using Link to give customers the option to easily pay with their bank accounts puts us in a position to tick all those boxes while providing access to an increasingly popular mode of payment,” said Karl Hébert, vice president of payments, risk, and identity at Uber.

As part of the deal Uber will use Link and Stripe Financial Connections to allow customers to instantly add bank accounts without leaving the Uber app. Saved bank details can then be reused by customers for future purchases with Uber. Uber is also using the payment infrastructure to process card payments on eftpos in Australia and JCB in Japan.

“Uber has been a pioneer in payments since the very beginning. Who doesn’t remember the magical moment hopping out of their first Uber ride without touching their wallet?” said Will Gaybrick, president of product and business at Stripe.

He added: “Uber remains at the forefront of online payments today. As they look to provide ever more flexibility to their customers, we’re honored to do our part to help, and we’re thrilled to be along for the ride.”

Earlier this week, Stripe unveiled a new Android-based smart reader that allows businesses to accept payments, run custom apps and collect customer details to unify online and in-person payments. The company said that device, which further encourages cashless payments, was an upgrade on tradional hardware due to its ability to do more than simply accept payment.