Paytm has launched its latest soundbox solution designed to accept domestic and international card payments.

Card Soundbox will allow merchants to accept both mobile and card payments across all Visa, Mastercard, Amex and RuPay networks with ‘tap and pay’ the company said. It is said to be India’s fits soundbox that will accept all domestic and international card payments.

Paytm Card Soundbox builds on a previous launch of audio-based confirmations with Paytm Soundbox for in-store payments in the country. It is aiming to solve two problems for merchants; accepting card payments along with getting instant audio alerts for all payments.

The launch of the device expands payment acceptance for merchants by combining Soundbox with NFC, or by combining contactless debit and credit card payments with mobile payments. It works by delivering audio and visual payment confirmation through a LCD display to the merchant and the customer, the company said.

Paytm Card Soundbox has a built-in ‘tap and pay’ functionality through which merchants can accept card payments up to ₹5,000. It has a battery life of five days and offers alerts in 11 languages that can be changed by the merchant through Paytm for Business app.

“Today with Paytm Card Soundbox, we take it [innovating] to the next level. We have found that  merchants and consumers need card acceptance as well as mobile payments with Paytm QR Code. The launch of Card Soundbox will go a long way in merging the two requirements of merchants – mobile payments and card payments,” Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Founder & CEO, Paytm said

Anurag Gupta, Vice President & Head – Acquiring & Network Issuing, American Express added: Audio payment alerts are transforming digital payments in India and have enabled many merchants to seamlessly digitise their businesses. After revolutionizing mobile payments by pioneering Soundbox in India, Paytm Card Soundbox will further boost digitisation in the country. It is India’s first Soundbox that also accepts card payments, this would help accelerate the growth of cashless transactions in the country and Amex is happy to be a partner with Paytm on this acceptance growth.”