UAE’s Emirates NBD banking group has completed the roll-out of its enhanced mobile banking app, ENBD X.

Initially rolled-out in a phased manner, ENBD X is now available to all Emirates NBD customers with new customers having the option to instantly open a digital account in less than three-minutes, the bank said.

A distinctive feature of the App is its embedded digital wealth platform which allows new investors to instantly open an investment account as well as complete their daily banking needs. The platform offers up to 11,000 securities and ETFs from both global and local markets to invest in. In addition, its Secure Sign feature means customers can view, update and sign investment documents online without needing to visit a branch or their relationship managet.

Among the services on the app’s dashboard, users have a 360-degree view of their entire financial portfolio as well as updates such as upcoming payments or status of pending requests. They can also complete typical banking services such as opening a fixed deposit account, obtaining account balance certificates and reference letters, and applying for a loan on card in real time.

Marwan Hadi, Group Head, Retail Banking and Wealth Management at Emirates NBD, said: “With ENBD X, we have taken our mobile banking experience to a whole new level, adding a wide array of next-generation instant banking services, with many more to be released over the next few months.”

Pedro Sousa Cardoso, Chief Digital Officer, Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Emirates NBD, added  “ENBD X sets a new standard of excellence for mobile banking in the region and beyond and is designed to provide customers with a truly enriching banking experience.”

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Photo by Paul Hanaoka via Unsplash