Car IQ Inc has partnered with HF Sinclair to allow drivers fuel vehicles in the U.S. using its new connected payment system.

As part of the deal, drivers can pay for fuel at pumps using Car IQ Pay, a solution that connects the vehicle directly to the pump and removes the need to use a credit card, PIN number or vehicle odometer reading.

Car IQ’s underlying technology, which will be implemented at 1,600 sites across the U.S, is based on a machine identity verification process that allows vehicles and machines to automatically connect to payment networks, physical infrastructures, and mobility platforms. The solution enables vehicles to automatically initiate and complete payments for services such as tolls, fuel, parking and paid parking.

“The addition of Sinclair not only brings more locations, but also the Sinclair brand to Car IQ Pay, which our fleet customers have been asking for. Automating and simplifying the payment process for our fleet customers helps them streamline their accounting process and eliminate costly time and errors,” Said,Matt Nicholson, SVP, Merchant Commercialization at Car IQ on the announcement.”

Among its features, Car IQ Pay users can put rules in place and set spending limits when vehicles connect to the technology.  The solution can also be used to track spending and spot any out of pattern transactions.

Doug Lawes, Manager, Payments and Technical Solutions, HF Sinclair, added:  “Partnering with Car IQ allows us to help our fleet customers facilitate payments by eliminating the use of credit cards. This is a natural expansion on the success we have achieved with the deployment of Sinclair’s DINOPAY Mobile Payment App, through our partnership with P97 Networks.”