AfterShip, a post-purchase and tracking platform has launched a new solution that allows merchants to synchronize product and order details between their e-commerce platform and TikTok Shop.

AfterShip Feed has been made available for TikTok Shop in both UK and US markets. Among its key features, it enables users to create product listings with automatic syncing of product details, pricing, and inventory from e-commerce platforms. When a change is made to product details or pricing in a merchant’s e-commerce store it is also immediately reflected on TikTok Shop.

In addition, merchants can choose what prices to sync to TikTok Shop with a price rules setting while they can protect revenue by setting a one-hour delay to hold orders in case of cancellation.

In particular, AfterShip Feed is aiming to help apparel, beauty products and accessories retailers that have challenges entering the social commerce space due to having a large number of SKUs.

Andrew Chan, CMO and co-founder of AfterShip said: “AfterShip Feed gives online merchants an opportunity to easily target TikTok’s more than 1 billion users. With features like automatic synchronization and order information extraction, merchants can effortlessly make their mark in starting their next chapter in social commerce,”

According to Allied Market Research, the global social commerce market size was valued at $728 billion in U.S. dollars in 2022 and is projected to reach $6.2 trillion by 2030.

Marni Levine, Head of TikTok Shop Operations, SMB said: “We’re excited to partner with AfterShip to bring new opportunities to the TikTok community and drive shopping moments directly through TikTok Shop in the US and UK. This integration will enable sellers to efficiently streamline their TikTok Shop by syncing daily operations to their ecommerce platform of choice,”

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Photo by Obi – @pixel7propix via Unsplash